Mindful Monday

10/19/2020 8:00 AM | Seema Patel (Administrator)

The word of the week is simply “Yes.” 

Why “yes” you ask? Great question. Because saying “yes” leads to living a life more adventurously. Saying “yes” means that you are open to moving past your comfort zone and embracing a new challenge. No is an ending, yes is a beginning. The beauty of yes is that when you say “yes” to something and it turns out not to be all that you hoped for, you can say “yes” to something else. 

This week, say ”yes” to trying something new that you haven’t tried before. Say “yes” to an opportunity to speak with a stranger. Say “yes” to an unexpected invite. Just say “yes”, and watch life unfold. There are one thousand or more reasons to say “No.” “No” presents zero risks. When you fight against change, you become stagnant. Say “yes”, accept change, and you are able to move forward. Say “yes” and unleash your creativity. Every yes is a tiny explosion of possibility.

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