Mindful Monday

12/28/2020 8:30 AM | Anonymous

Happy Mindful Monday!

Every day is the first day of the rest of your life. It’s an opportunity to accept happiness, love, power, and energy into your day. Today is a starting point for your journey to success for the rest of the week. Let’s make the best of it with the simple power of a smile.

Remember that quirky character on the Ally McBeal television series from the late 1990s, John Cage, that engaged in what he called “smile therapy” before going into court or when he found himself in the midst of an emotional crisis? He’d paste on a big, toothy smile in the mirror. The effect was comedic, but he was onto something. A smile conveys feelings of happiness, hope, and positivity. When you smile, you feel happy. When you smile, those around you smile.

Share a smile with those you come into contact with this week: your coworkers, your clients, your judges, your barista at Starbucks, a stranger on the street. Smile at anyone that looks like they could use a lift. A smile can turn someone’s day around. Who doesn’t find satisfaction in making others happy? Smile just to smile and you will actually feel happier. Can’t argue with Mother Teresa who so often said, “Peace on earth begins with a smile.”

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